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Coronavirus death toll keeps increasing in the US

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the US coronavirus death toll passed 80,000. The most reported deaths of any country in the world.

Coronavirus death toll in states and reopening

In New York coronavirus infection and hospitalization rates are decreasing.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said parts of New York will be able to begin a phased reopening as soon as the state’s shutdown order expires.

Furthermore, regions can reopen in phases if they hit seven specific criteria. That includes 14-day declines in hospitalizations and deaths, hospital bed availability, testing capacity and contact tracing. New York has hit just four out of seven metrics.

It has been the epicentre of America’s coronavirus outbreak and has had the highest coronavirus death toll of all but a few countries.

Cuomo emphasized that the reopening will be done “intelligently”. Some states are reopening despite not hitting the guidelines to do so.

States began setting reopening plans in late April with governors in South Carolina and Georgia leading the way. Additionally, by this week, nearly every state has begun relaxing restrictions.

Moreover, the public remains torn: A poll showed nearly two-thirds of Americans were concerned about their state opening too early. However, thousands of people across the country protested in recent weeks for their right to go back to work.

An expert said that it will take at least two to three weeks before states may begin seeing increased infections.

New illness

In New York, health officials are now looking at a mysterious illness. This illness is showing up in children they believe may be linked to the virus.

The condition left dozens of New York children hospitalized. Meaning, many of whom tested positive for the virus or had its antibodies.

Many of the children had fever and symptoms similar to toxic shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease. In rare cases, it can lead to deadly limitations in blood flow.

Brett Giroir, a pediatric ICU doctor, said that a syndrome like this one has been seen in a novel coronavirus before.

He said they know what the basic treatment is. However, this is a bit different than what they normally see and it is quite frightening.

Similar cases have been reported internationally, including in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. Though the coronavirus most severely affects elderly people with pre-existing conditions, the children’s cases suggest that no age group is immune

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