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Can iPhone get hacked? Is there reason for concern?

Can iPhone get hacked? Is there reason for concern?

Apple users are wondering can iPhone get hacked. Many have personal information on their phones and are worried if someone can get their hands on them.

Can iPhone get hacked?

It is possible the iPhone can get hacked.

However, only a highly skilled hacker can hack any electronic device if they are motivated enough.

That does not mean that your iPhone is at risk. The reason is because Apple products are among the most secure ones.

Additionally, if you take precautions, an average-skill hacker probably is not going to target your iPhone. They will find too difficult, and they will go after an easier task.

You should update your software regularly as that lowers the chances of someone hacking your iPhone.

Furthermore, an iPhone can get hacked if you jailbreak your phone.

Jailbreaking means that you have had someone alter the software so that you can run non-Apple approved applications on the device. Changing the device’s code it gives you flexibility. However, it opens you up to attack by hackers.

Opening messages from people who you do not recognize is another way how an iPhone can get hacked.

Moreover, you should not plug your iPhone into charging stations that you do not trust.

The same goes for public Wi-Fi networks and websites with bad reputation.

If you see new apps on your home screen, emails, calls or messages that you did not send, then it is likely your iPhone got hacked.


You can take your device offline or switch it to Airplane mode. That will remove your phone from the network, and it should cut off the hacker’s access to it.

Wiping your iPhone can get rid of malware, so this would be the next logical thing to do.

Go to Settings, General, and then hit Reset. You can now check your phone to see if there is any further evidence of hacker activity.

You could also go to Settings, General, Reset, and then hit Erase All Content and Settings.

If you do this, then you will have to reinstall everything that was on your phone from a backed-up version with iTunes or iCloud.

That is not ideal, but you want to make sure any trace of malware is gone from the device, and it is entirely under your control again.

Being careful what sites you visit, what you click on, it is less likely that your iPhone will get hacked.

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