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My iPhone would not ring- what should I do?

Although it’s nice to have our phones on silent mode from time to time, there is nothing nice about realizing that my iPhone would not ring.

Here are a couple of helpful solutions to your problem.

What if my iPhone would not ring because silent mode is on?

Simply speaking, you need to check if you accidentally turned the silent mode on. You can easily check this by looking at the Ring/Silent switch that is located on the side of your iPhone.

 If your switch is flipped up towards the screen it’s not in the silent mode. However, if the switch is pushed down and you can see an orange strip it’s silent.

 After you’ve checked this make sure that your ringer volume is turned up and you are all set to go!

Have you turned Do Not Disturb mode on?

If I realized that my iPhone would not ring, the second step would be checking the Do Not Disturb mode. When you turn Do Not Disturb mode on incoming calls go straight to voicemail.

So how do you know if this is the case? You should just open the Control Center screen by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. If the quarter moon icon is turned on there is your problem! Just turn it back off and your iPhone should start receiving notifications and calls.

Nonetheless, you can always go to settings and turn the Do Not Disturb switch off. 

My iPhone would not ring, have I blocked someone?

In this case, you may have blocked unknown callers or a specific phone number. Anyhow you can see all of that in Settings.

If you blocked unknown callers you can find that option in the Phone section of Settings. You then just have to switch the Silence Unknown Callers mode off.

Also in the Phone section of Settings, you can find if you blocked a specific phone number. Find the Call Blocking and Identification there and see if you accidentally blocked some numbers. Then just click the Unblock button.

Is my iPhone stuck in headphone mode?

Sometimes our iPhones get confused when previously headphones were plugged in. Hence they get stuck in headphone mode.

To solve it play music to see if you can hear it. If you can’t, plug earbuds or headphones back in and take them out. If this didn’t help try to enable and disable Airplane mode.


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