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Do iPhones get malware? Important to know

Many people are asking do iPhones get malware and it’s the time to solve that dilemma.

Furthermore, the dilemma extends to the iPhones vs Android battle, and the biggest advantage of the iPhone actually is security.

So, do iPhones get malware?

Most likely, when your iPhone starts acting strange the reason probably isn’t a virus or other type of malware.

 Specifically, the most probable cause in most cases is a wayward advert, tied to the apps you regularly use.

So, that specific ad can “convince” you that your iPhone has malware and prompt you to download the fake “solution”.

Besides, another way those nasty adverts can trick you is to redirect you to some precarious website to hijack your personal data.

Do iPhones get malware

Finally, cases like this are rare for iPhones and you shouldn’t worry, because iPhone’s “sandbox nature” will keep you safe.

Since the iPhone has a closed platform and the answer to do iPhones get malware lies there.

Precisely, its closed platform is the reason why so fewer malware is made for the iPhone.

Moreover, judging by a Pulse Secure report in 2015, 97% of all malware is for Android.

Furthermore, the US Department of Homeland Security reported only 0.7% of malware threats made for iOS.

Safely said, iOS is a pretty secure platform, mostly because of its closed platform as opposed to Android’s open-source one.

Malware for iPhone

Well, there definitely is some malware for iOS, but Apple is following those trends and works on fixing it.

So you now know do iPhones get malware, but you should also know that Apple is regularly patching iOS security.

Nevertheless, Vault 7, which Wikileaks released, is a library of files and documents that show the CIA’s methods of breaking into iOS.

What’s more, F-Secure Labs released a report back in 2015 that showed examples of malware getting into Apple’s App Store.

How to know if your iPhone has a malware

First, you should know that jailbroken devices are an easier target for malware.

Particularly, this setting allows the installation of apps from untrusted sources as you probably know.

Second, check is your iPhone mostly acting strange while/after using certain apps – if yes, then uninstall those apps.

Finally, if none of the above solves the problem with the phone acting strange, it’s probably a hardware problem.

Anyhow, take your device to an Apple Genius Bar, a dedicated person that’ll provide efficient support and fix the problem.

Overall, do iPhones get malware dilemma is solved – they do, but in most cases, your device will reflect those threats.

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