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Can iPhone 8 get iOS 14? Word of an Expert

In addition to a lot of bad news this year, September delighted all Apple users with some good news. Can iPhone 8 get iOS 14? It is about the new iOS 14. However, will this news make all iPhone 8 owners happy? There is only one way to find that out the answer lies below.

Can iPhone 8 get iOS 14?

Such good news brings with it a justified question, can iPhone 8 users look forward to the new iOS 14? For which iPhone models is this version possible?

Either way, the short answer we believe will make many people happy, iPhone 8 found its place on the list of iPhones that support iOS 14.

What’s new? New iOS 14 Features

Picture in picture on iPhone

Similar to the iPad, iOS 14 now supports Picture in picture mode, which allows the user to play video on their device while using other apps.


One of the more interesting and in any case useful novelties are widgets. They have now, for the first time, enriched the capabilities for the iPad and iPhone. By themselves, they have many options for all those who need them, and users can find them in the “Widget Gallery“.

Application library

Along with other benefits, one of the facilitating and practical this time around is the App library. It speeds up the organization of applications and to make it easier to use it all happens automatically. Anyway, users do not have to store all the icons on the home screen, and thus facilitate visibility and ease of use.


The greatest novelty in this field is the Recording indicator, which allows the display of indicators whenever one of the applications from the device uses a camera, microphone or both. In this way, it enhances the safety and comfort of users.

How to install iOS 14 on your iPhone 8?

If you liked these new features, and have an iPhone 8 or any other phone that supports it, here’s how to update iOS. Firstly, charge your iPhone and backup all your data. Then ensure stable WiFi connection, because of the size of the update.

Go to Settings – General and click on the software update next to install iOS 14. When the download is complete, you will have iOS 14 installed and all these options will be available to you.

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