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Can an iPhone get hacked? Should I be worried?

At some point you probably wondered, can an iPhone get hacked? Maybe it was when you were choosing between different devices and deciding which one suits you best.

Like any other device, an iPhone certainly can get hacked, especially if someone is out to get you. However, it’s not a common thing. Also, whether you get hacked or not, it does not really depend on which type of device you have.

Moreover, an iPhone has a reputation for being one of the most secure cell phones out there.

What does hacking mean?

Hacking a device can imply all kinds of different activities. If you guess someone’s password, it could be classified as hacking. Also, installing monitoring software and someone spying on your activities can constitute hacking.

Ways an iPhone can get hacked

We have all heard of unsafe websites that can be dangerous for all of your devices.

If a website has too many popups and ads it’s better to avoid it.  Simply speaking, you never know if some of those sites contain malware that can damage your phone.

Also, you should avoid connecting to unknown Wi-Fi networks, and charging your phone on unsafe power stations. If you can, always charge your phone at home or somewhere you trust your surroundings.

One of the common ways an iPhone gets hacked is when you “jailbreak it”. This method is widely used by people on their own devices. Consequently, this is how your phone can get hacked. This way it’s more open to hackers.

Another way your phone can get hacked is by opening messages and emails sent by suspicious accounts.

Will I know that my iPhone is hacked?

If you notice apps that you didn’t download by yourself, messages you didn’t send or apps being opened when you are not touching your phone, know that it’s probably hacked. Anyhow, there is no place for panic. There are ways you can stop all of that from happening.

Protecting your iPhone

The first thing you can do is updating your software on regular basis. Before releasing, Apple tests all of its software, and omissions are rare.

However, your iCloud is much more sensitive to hacking as it’s an online account.

You should activate two-factor authentication everywhere you can, especially on iCloud.

If the hacking does happen, the first thing you should do is take your phone off the network and shut it down. By doing so you should be able to cut hacker’s access to your phone. Resetting your settings should restore your phone, thus this is only safe if you’ve backed up your phone regularly.

In the end, you shouldn’t fear getting hacked, but you should take all the security steps that are in your power. You can make hacking less possible by just being cautious. 

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