How to Use Tumblr: A Beginner’s Guide

Tumblr ranks 7th worldwide among social media platforms. In the U.S. alone there are more than 23 million bloggers. 

Think of all the potential connections and leads. 

The best part? You only need a few dedicated bloggers to grow your venture. If you don’t know how to get started, don’t worry. Let’s cover the basics of how to use Tumblr.    

Step 1: Create an Account

To officially become a new tumblr user, you need to create an account. You can use your catch-all email or create one specifically for the blogging site. 

Now’s your chance to come up with a cool, catchy, and clever username; you can change the name later on. Also, go with a password that no one – even you- will guess.

Step 2: Set Up Your Blog

With your account created, you can set up your blog. Will the content be personal or professional? Are you using tumblr for business or pleasure?
Remember that you can create many tumblr blogs under the same email if you have different topics you want to explore. 

Step 3: Design Your Blog 

After decided what sorts of content you want to focus on, turn your attention to the design theme of your blog. You can choose from hundreds of free pre-made themes, buy a premium layout, or create something custom.

Step 4: Get Familiar With the Dashboard

To start creating content, you need to know how to navigate around the blogging platform. Luckily, the navigating tumblr guide is straightforward. 

Through the dashboard, you can create and share content to build your community. You can use 7 icons, including audio and chat, to make posts. Plus, you can share other people’s posts by scrolling down and re-blogging them. 

Step 5: Connect With People

Of course, creating stellar posts is only half the equation. The second half of running a successful Tumblr is connecting with other bloggers. 

You can sync your social accounts to reach already-made friends. Also, you can privately message other bloggers. If you want potential connections to come to you, enable the Ask Me Anything feature.  

Quick Tips For How to Use Tumblr

While going through the account creation process, you might run into specific issues. Keep reading for Tumblr help tailored to you. 

Do you want to use the blogging platform as a fine art curation space? If so, you’ll want to learn more about turning off safe mode.

Do you want others to discover through your photography or modeling? Use broad hashtags that allow users to find you easily. 

Do you want to actively grow your community? Look at the Recommended for You section to find bloggers with similar styles and content. Then follow them and engage with their posts. 

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Covering the basics of how to use Tumblr reveals that the blogging platform is simple and straightforward to use. Do you want more Tumblr tips to help you manage your account? Read more social media organization content on our website here. 

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