Apple Considering A Bid To Buy Hulu

Apple has approached owners of Hulu with a potential bid to purchase the streaming video service. Owners of Hulu include big brand names such as Walt Disney, News Corp., and Comcast Corporation. Apple would be looking to Hulu to bolster … Continued

Facebook Hires Hacker (aka Geohot)

George Hotz (aka Geohot), the infamous hacker that was at the forefront of the first jailbreak of the iPhone, and who also published the Sony Playstation’s root keys which landed him in a serious lawsuit, has been hired at Facebook. … Continued

Google TV Will Be Available Tomorrow

The long awaited and highly discussed Google TV is finally coming to the market place. Tomorrow, Sony will be having a live event where the Google TV will be introduced and available for purchase. The Sony Google TV is powered … Continued