Play Pacman For Free On Google Logo, Pacman’s 30th Anniversary

Play Pacman For Free On Google Logo, Pacman’s 30th Anniversary

When I wrote about the Google Pacman Logo earlier today, my intention was to provide a place that allowed you to play Pacman for free online. So I embeded the Pacman game, and all was well. What I didn’t realize until that point was that when I went to to grab the image of the Google Pacman logo, I started to hear the Pacman game start playing.

At first I was confused as to where the Pacman game was playing. Perhaps I had started Pacman on a different tab somewhere. But I went through all of the tabs and nope – Pacman wasn’t running. But I failed to realize was that Pacman was actually running in the Google Logo.

Play Pacman on the Google Logo

Here’s how you play Pacman on the Google logo:

1) Simply go to

2) Wait about 5 seconds and suddenly the Pacman game will start up

3) You are now playing Pacman on the Google logo with the Pacman maze actually weaving around the Google logo.

And that’s it – once the game starts, you are now literally playing Pacman inside the Google logo. It’s really quite amazing, and this is clearly the first Google logo that is interactive.

Google celebrates Pacman’s 30th birthday (anniversary)

The reason for the Google Pacman logo is that Google is celebrating Pacman’s 30th anniversary. It’s really hard to believe that Pacman came out when I was…. (sorry, I’ll refrain from revealing my age here).

But I guess I don’t remember the first versions of Pacman. My memory of Pacman picks up around the Atari version.

What about you?

When do you first remember playing Pacman?

Have you played Pacman on Google’s logo yet?

  • drclue

    And look Ma , NO ADOBE FLASH required.


    This PAC-MAN game is to show Apple that they are sticking with flash development and may the best OS win.

  • PhillipBrandon

    But there's so much more. I don't know about "waiting about 5 seconds" Just click the 'Insert Coin' button (where the rarely used "Feeling lucky" one generally resides) and you can begin playing immediately using your arrow keys.

  • PhillipBrandon

    Click it once more, and Mrs. Pac-man shows up. Now two players can take to the game at once!

  • Duh

    @David – actually no FLASH is used. Only Javascript, HTML and CSS. Google is actually helping Apple here.

  • Suzana

    I love this criative idea!!! TO PLAY PACMAN ON LINE ON GOOGLE – great !!!! I was playing and, surprise…almost 30.000 points. Fantastic ! A long time ago I don't play Pacman. This game is of chilhood's time and I always loved !
    My name is Suzana and live in Rio de Janeiro. I have 42. Sorry for wrong words. Because…a long time ago I don't write in English too.

  • Shiva

    It was really annoying (sound) for me because I choose google as home page.

  • Lee

    HTML 5 rules

  • ron eng

    Really great way to celebrate Pacman!.. wow! has it been 30 years already??
    I was about to key in my search when I noticed the very recognisable image..
    and fuddled around and got playing it.. what a way to celebrate it! brought back
    memories ( and lots of money spent playing it!)
    Thanks for sharing this.. may we continue with the game?

  • sherlyn- Malaysia

    Hi !! such a creativeidea !! PLAY PACMAN ONLINE ON GOOGLE !!

    it remind me the time when i was young & the time i was playing this game !

    I love the way u all show the event !!

    Keep it up !!

  • rocko

    lol it works on my iphone buut it lags like a maniac

  • Kirsha

    Cool! Fun! I happened. to click on the logo and lo and behold Im playing PacMan. I had a ball….Thanks Google

  • wendy

    i love it i love it………. its an amazing idea

  • tyler

    although its not google's first interactive logo (the first being the logo on the hubble telescope) Its still pretty amazing

  • :-(
    Really sad.

    I don’t know how to play, and, imagine, it is not possible to find instructions! Two of us have been looking for nearly two hours. Even to find somebody saying something about W,A,S keys took long, and nobody explaining who those little people are that swim around the dark patch.

    • RaeJeanne

      just use the arrow keys. It will start moving. You want to stay away from the ghosts unless you eat a power pellet, the blinking big yellow circles, then while they are blue you can eat them. Once you have eaten all the dots, the next round starts.

  • Silix

    REALLY you guys heckle the commenters when you don't know what ur saying. this logo DOES use flash. that is why you have no sound when you play it on your iphones. the sound is streamed through flash. personally i think it's a slap to all the apple iDouches.

    • c |-| |_ () 3

      Thank you! Someone smart.

  • The PacMan Doodle will be up for 48 hours.
    More info at

    • c |-| |_ () 3

      Dude, it's been up since Friday. It's Sunday. More than 48 hours, douche. I HATE when idiots try to act smart.

      • c |-| |_ () 3

        Since Friday morning. Since midnight.

  • What is it written in, I'd like to add it to

    • floyd

      html5 with flash audio

  • Hey

    So how did they make this? Can they make the video with Javascript and the sound with Flash? What does HTML 5 have to do with it?

  • floyd

    Woke up today and it was gone. Wish they'd put it somewhere playable on their site, just like it was, the logo

  • floyd

    That was so fun!