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I Blame AT&T For The Eric Schmidt, Apple, & Google Voice Debacle

untitled-4Here it is:

The Google Voice app for the iPhone’s app store was denied by Apple.

Eric Schmidt, probably one of the best board members that Apple could have, stepped down from the board completely.

All of us – the iPhone community – are left without an iPhone app for Google Voice (even though you can just go to on your iPhone and get it – that’s what I did and it’s awesome!)

So here’s Apple, and “open source” technology company, and Google who is the leader of the open source world, both without the avenue to further our technology future of iPhone and Google Voice.


I blame AT&T

AT&T see Google Voice as competition to their business.  And not just any competitor mind you – if you follow the technological advance of Google Voices into the future, you are left with a voice / data device that only needs an Internet connect and IS 100% FREE – of course with Google ads streaming across in an elegant way…

I’m making the call that Apple was “influenced” or “strongly discouraged” to not let the Google Voice app into their app store.

But that’s what Glenn Lurie, AT&T’s President of Emerging Devices and Resale, had to say:

Your letter concerning Apple’s decision on the Google Voice iPhone app was forwarded to me since I work closely with Apple.

While we’re very proud to offer the iPhone 3GS along with the thousands of apps available through the App Store, AT&T does not manage the App Store – and we are not involved in the approval process for apps in the App Store. I recommend in this particular case that you express your concerns to Apple.

I’m glad you’re enjoying your iPhone and hope that you continue to be an AT&T customer. We appreciate and value your business.

Glenn Lurie

But you know what, Glenn Lurie isn’t the CEO who has to answer to the share holders of AT&T, so of course he could be the spokesman for AT&T and promoting their innocence.

Truth be told however, I think that because of AT&T’s greed, and obvious contempt for free “open source” advancement of technology, they have caused probably one of the worst board room shakeups in history.

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