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An Alternative For Coffee Shops & Free Wifi

computer_wifiCoffee shops are starting to get fed up with people that come in, buy a $1 cup of coffee and then milk that cup for 3 hours while they’re online.

Coffee shop owners are saying that these “coffee shop dwellers” are taking up valuable seating space and preventing new customers from being seated.

So the solution, apparently from coffee shop owners, is to pull the plug on WiFi all together!

I see that as a pretty dramatic move in dealing with people that are taking up space and lingering for hours just to get online – don’t you?

In today’s mobile world of the Internet and staying connected, aren’t people in coffee shops going to just as easily get on their mobile phones as they would their laptops?

Coffee shops would seemingly be cutting their profits as well because much fewer customers would even come in the door if there wasn’t WiFi.

It would seem to me that as a coffee shop owner, I would search for ways to make this work in my favor, and I had one idea in particular in mind.

If I was the coffee shop owner, or someone who was about to build a coffee shop, I would find somewhere that had a lot of space.  From here I would offer 100% free WiFi – and maybe even free coffee; just charge for the double latte with cream and silky foam on top!

With free coffee AND free WiFi, I would hopefully be bringing in a large crowd on a continual basis.  Then I would try to sell advertising space to local businesses and place the ads on the walls in poster like fashion.

So free WiFi, free coffee, stay as long as you’d like, and then we’d sell advertising on the walls!

What do you think about that…?

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