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Brand Blogging – Are You Doing It?

brandingDid you know that people are already talking about your business online?

Don’t believe me… go ahead and Google your name or your business and tell me what you find.

And if people are talking specifically about your business (or you) then there are no doubt unlimited conversations and content being shared about your business, products, and services – both from a consumer, and from a provider perspective and point of view.

Here’s Why Brand Blogging For Your Business Is Important:

I like to use the term “Brand Blogging” in the context of business that has built a blog (duh…), and is actively blogging (producing fresh content) about their business, products, and services.

Why is this important?

It’s critically important because the more content you product about your business, the more likely you are to:

1)  be found in Google search results – in fact, if you produce lots of content on a regular basis, and creative blog postings that span a wide range of keyword phrases and topics, not only will you rank well, but you’ll have a ton of pages / exposure in Google search results – this means, more connections to prospects searching for what you offer

2)  build an audience of followers (a tribe) – these are people who really love your content, your business, your message, and are excited to receive more information from you.  In fact, these are also your most dedicated, and profitable customers!

3)  you can combat rogue customers, ex-wives, and whatever enemies you might have out there.  By producing content about your business that is productive, informative, and generally positive about your business, when someone comes along and writes something negative about you – like on (no link juice on purpose) – then you have a lot of conten out there that counter-acts the negative.

So as a business, I think it’s critically important to build a blog and start influencing how your brand is built!

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are invaluable tools to send your blog content to – as your build followers / fans in these places, they can dramatically increase your readership base by sending along your content, and in turn, doing more for promoting / building your brand than you could ever achieve on your own.

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