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3 Things Your Competitors Wish You Didn’t Know

shockWhen it comes to online marketing, the measure stick is very simple – conversions!

I’ve been working with clients long enough to know that when they spend money on Internet marketing, the only thing they care about is how much their phone rings from prospects, and how many new sales are generated – period.

So let me break down 3 things your competitors wish you didn’t know about Internet marketing and online exposure for your business:

1)  Blogging is the most effective form of SEO. Very simple, there is no faster way to get your business found in the top search results for a whole slew of targeted keyword phrases than through blogging.

Writing a lot of content that is built upon a wide range of your most targeted keyword phrases is, without a doubt, the fastest and most effective way to connect to people in Google’s natural search results.

Even better, since blogging implies producing a lot of valuable content, this means you’re more likely to receive links from other sources.  These links only add to the rankings and exposure of your blog postings, giving you more exposure in Google.

2)  Twitter for business. This might something that is obvious – or maybe not – but you need to think of Twitter a mini – blog for your business.  Twitter has made a lot of changes these days that are emphasizing their search engine – which searches tweets in real time – basically a  real time data search engine.

Just like a blog will give you high levels of exposure in Google, and give it to fast, Twitter does the exact same thing, but even faster!

Since people are using the Twitter search engine more often to find content, if you are producing regular updates on Twitter with targeted keyword phrases in mind, then you stand a pretty good chance of being found by whoever is searching for you!  Getting found by someone searching for you equals a high quality connection.

3)  Facebook Fan Pages – Just like Twitter is a powerful tool for business marketing, likewise Facebook Fan Pages are, in my opinion, even better.  Facebook Fan Pages fall under the realm of “permission based marketing” – that is, people you communicate to through you Facebook Fan Page are those that have voluntarily become a fan, and who actually want to receive information from you.  If they didn’t, or didn’t like your updates, well… they wouldn’t be following you.

Even better with Facebook Fan Pages is the fact that you can actually engage in a conversation with your audience.  Unlike Twitter (unfortunately), on your Facebook Fan Page you can comment on what people are saying, and likewise, your audience can comment on what you’re saying!

Plus, as each person comments within your Facebook Fan Page, all of their friends can see what they are saying, facilitating a powerful viral marketing effect.

So there you go, 3 things your competitors do not want you to know!

I should say, actually, that it’s 3 things your competitors don’t want to DO – because knowing these things and actually doing these things are two totally different aspects completely.

You have to put in the work to leverage these powerful marketing tools – but if you do the work, you will see the fruits of your labor, and you will leave your competitors who are still spending money on newspapers and TV ads behind in your dust – guaranteed!

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