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The Twitter Effect – How Twitter Can Make Or Break Your Business

twitterHow Twitter can make or break your business, product, or service is simple actually – Twitter gives you real time feedback from real people, with real opinions that matter.

It’s time for you to launch your business, product, or service, and you’re looking for a way to get feedback.  Feedback for your venture is critical to helping you figure out how to adjust things, add a little more of this, and a little less of that.

However, when you launch, all of sudden you see your product being talked about on Twitter!  Suddenly people’s opinions are growing out of control, and suddenly not only do you have market feedback, but you literally just made or broke your business.

Sound like an unrealistic scenario?

It’s not too far from the truth when it comes to Twitter!

Take a look at movie reviews for example.  Literally, as people are sitting in the movie theatre they are sending out updates via Twitter to their followers, who then retweet those messages to their followers.  And surely if it’s Friday night and the movie is making it’s premier, they are not the only ones on Twitter talking about the movie.

So what do you think happens when everyone on Twitter is either praising, or bashing, the movie?

That’s right, it’s going to influence the rest of us from going or not – and for the amount of money on the line for movie makers, that’s a huge deal.

The same process / scenario holds true for any business, product, or service.  When you launch, you better be prepared for instant feedback and “word of mouth” wildfire spreading across the web.

Welcome to the world of social media!

Like I said, it can / and most likely will, either make or break your business – just be prepared is all…

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