Yahoo Pushing Firefox Users To IE8 – Ironic, I know!

ie8-betaIs it me, or does it just seem ironic that Yahoo is now pushing Firefox users to switch to “The New Internet Explorer 8”?  My initial response is, “are you crazy, do you really think Firefox users are going to go back to the managerie of problems associated with Internet Explorer?”  I know I’m not!

What’s ironic here is that this announcement, and sudden push to Firefox from Yahoo comes just after the marriage between Yahoo and Microsoft.

Here are some screen shots that TechCrunch put together:



I guess what really bothers me about this is how does Yahoo and Microsoft expect to really gain any traction by pulling beuracratic garbage like this.

Don’t they understand that the power of Firefox comes from the “open source” environment surrounding the browser?

So I’m assuming that this “push” to Firefox is somewhere in their contract.

What do you think about this?

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