New Gmail Option: Email Tasks List

gmail_email_task_listGmail just launched a new feature to their Task List called “Email Task List”.  This feature will allow you to simply email your entire task list.

Here’s how it’s done:

1) Go to your Gmail

2) Click on “Tasks”

3) Once your Task screen opens, typically in the lower right hand corner of your Gmail window, click on the word “Actions”.

4) A new list will jump up from the word “Actions” and in that list you’ll “Email task list”

5) Click “Email task list” and you’ll immediate be taken to a new compose email

6) Enter in your desired email address and hit “send:

This tool might also be useful in emailing your list to yourself!

I know that I use Gmail a lot of times as a file storage option.  Since Gmail is full searchable, I email myself all the time with links, files, photos, videos, etc… and just use keyword phrases in the email and then either paste or attach what I want to save – the keyword phrases are basically a way to tag that email, much like you would a blog posting.

Here’s the official email from Gmail:  Official Gmail Blog: Email a task list

And here’s a video giving you an overview of Gmail Tasks:

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