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How To React To Google’s New Changes In Search Rankings

seo-logo2Google’s algorithm that determines search rankings is changing, and you need to understand why, and how to leverage these changes to your advantage.

Google has been experimenting with what’s called Google Caffeine – a new algorithm that is designed to incorporate more real time search results from the social web.

The rise of importance, traffic, and activity on sites like Twitter and Facebook have caught Google with their heads down, and now Google is frantically trying to respond to this fast changing world of online activity.

Google Caffeine is one such respone!

Twitter and Facebook have both been moving forward quickly with search engines that can crawl, index, and deliver real time data results based on your search querry.

Where as Twitter and Facebook results will give you content from within the last couple of minutes, Google’s search results are still showing you results from 2007.

People want updated, live, and real time data results – not something from 5 years ago.

What the change means to you, and how to react to it

Google’s search algorithm change means that you need to understand how people are more interested in real time search data, and not interested in old, outdated web pages.

So if your website hasn’t been updated since 2007, then you’re going to have serious problems in getting traffic and rankings – as if you didn’t probably have problems already.

Your best reaction / action to take at this point is to get active with social media.

And honestly, the #1 thing you can do right now is to start a blog, write often, and integrate the cotent from your blog into your Twitter and Facebook Fan Page!

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