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WordPress SEO Tips Part II – Get Started Now

seo_wordpress1If you missed Part I of  WordPress SEO Tips Series, How To & Strategies, you can read it here.

Welcome to Part II in ourWordpress SEO Tips Series. This article is going to show you what is probably the most critical component to new start-ups, small businesses, even large corporations, in achieving high levels of exposure in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Here it is:  Get Started Now!

I believe it was Seth Godin who said, “How did I become successful?  I showed up!”

That means, very simply, he started writing content.  And when it comes to the web, CONTENT IS KING!

So you want to increase your exposure in Google search results?

You want to have 15,000 page views a month from people who are searching for what you offer – your business, products, and services?

If so, then you need to build a WordPress and you need to get writing now!

Don’t worry about how good your writing is, how eloquent, how refined.  You aren’t going to start out an expert.  But getting started is critical, and you will develop and hone your skills as you progress.

Google PageRank Is Key

The sooner you get started producing content for your blog, the sooner Google will crawl, index, and start attributing PageRank to your site.

Very simple – the more PageRank you have, the higher your rankings will be in Google, the deeper Google crawlers will crawl and index your site, and the more exposure you’ll have in Google.

PageRank is basically a measurement of brand.  The stronger your brand, the more exposure (rankings, traffic, authority) you’ll have in Google – PERIOD!

There are no shortcuts to building your brand and achieving authority.

That’s why it’s critical for you to get started writing now!

Don’t wait… the longer you do, the longer it’s going to take to start building traffic, subscribers, PageRank, and ultimate success from exposure in search engines.

Get Started Now!

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