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business_week_blog_business_cover_350You’re a business, and you need high levels of exposure in Google search results!

You aren’t alone, all of your competitors have that exact same need.  It’s certainly not by accident that Google, with 99% of revenue coming from advertisers, is making 10’s of billions of dollars a year – that’s almost 100% of their money coming from advertisers paying to get seen on the front pages of Google in the sponsored listings.

Please believe when I tell you… there is a better way to online marketing than spending a ton of money on Google Adwords.

Here are some tips for you (your business) to have a successful business blog.

1) Build a blog like yesterday!  Seriously, if you don’t have a blog built for your business, then you need to head over to WordPress and get yourself a blog.  There is no reason, with all the free blogging systems out there, that your business shouldn’t have a blog.  After all, you can’t have success with a business blog if you don’t even have a blog, right?

2) Identify actionable keyword phrases that people are actually using.  I use the free Google keyword tool, but there are many more out there for you to use.  Just do a Google search for “keyword tool” and you’ll see what I mean.  But you need to compile, or at least understand, what are your most profitable keyword phrases -the ones people are actually typing into Google as they search / research something related to your business, product, or service.

3) Start writing yesterday!  Just like you should have already had a blog built, you should have already been writing in it.  This is critically important because of the fact that before you can be found in the top of Google’s search results, the content (blog postings) from your blog need to have been crawled, indexed, and ranked first.  These things can’t even begin to happen until you start writing the content.  And expect, after you do get started writing, to wait anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks before Google initially crawls your site – it all depends on how much content you’re producing.

4) Write content that is keyword targeted to your business, product, services, and more importantly, your geographical location if you’re a local business.  All of these things matter, because in order for your pages to be retrieved and ranked on the front page of Google, your content, title tags, and categories, etc.. all need to be centered and optimized for specific keyword phrases.

5) And this leads me to my final tip for a successful business blog – and that is writing often.  I mean write more often than you do anything else, especially if you are a struggling business trying to get generate revenue anyway you can.  The more often you write, the more pages you’ll have indexed in Google, and the more available your pages will be, more often, when more people are looking for you.

Bonus Business Blog Tip: And this just reminded me of one more thing, so here’s a bonus tip – write about a wide range of subjects that all relate to you, your business, products, and services.  Don’t just write about one aspect of your business, or one feature of your product or service.  Write about everything relating to your business, products, and services, the ways you learned about them, how you became an expert at them, the many different ways you see customers using them – think “variety” in your writings, because the more variations you have that span across more keyword phrases, the wider and deeper your exposure will be in Google and the more people you will be connecting to – which in time will lead to more customers that are calling your phones!

Write often, use variations, be creative, and get started right now – and you’ll be on your way to profiting from a successful business blog!

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Thanks for sharing those tips. Business would be successful with those tips. I will follow try to follow those tips. Hope that I will be successful.

– Emo –

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