Google Merchant Search Is Coming – Watch Out Lending Tree

boxing   negscansixLending Tree might be in for a fight with Google’s new Google Merchant Search.

I personally never even knew that Google had such a thing called Google Merchant Search!

There certainly hasn’t been a lot of buzz about it.  Perhaps because the product is currently in beta in the UK, could have something to do with ti.

This is basically a service that does exactly what Lending Tree does, only Google Merchant Search unfolds right there on the search results!

Instead of me trying to write something as good and as simple as Google, I’m just going to copy the content from their page – yes, that’s right, I’m actually copying content from their page – “GASP….”  I’m doing this because it would just make everything a whole lot simpler.

1. Search

When you search for certain terms on Google, the Google Merchant Search ad unit will appear near the top of the page, allowing you to refine your search further.

For example, a search for ‘secured loans’ may allow you to specify the loan amount in the Google Merchant Search unit. Clicking Compare lenders will take you to a results page of lenders matching your requirements.

2. Compare lenders

Compare lenders at a glance and sort them by the criteria most important to you. To refine your results further, specify more requirements on the left side of the page.

3. Select and connect

You can choose to contact any of the listed lenders for a detailed quote. Just enter your information once, and Google will securely send your request and contact information to your selected lenders.

Alternatively, if you choose to call a lender, the numbers listed by Google here allow you to connect to the lender securely. This means your phone number won’t be passed on.

4. Receive call

We’ll send you an email confirming your quote request, and you’ll receive a call from each of your selected lenders during your specified time.

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