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Facebook Adds @Tags – But It Isn’t Working

at_symbolFacebook announced yesterday a new tagging feature that is almost identical to Twitter’s tagging system.

The @….. feature in Twitter allows you to reference another friend or follower, and in turn, provides a link back to that person.  Facebook is trying to take it one step further, as they mentioned in their blog post, by allowing you to tag events, fan pages, videos, photos, and of course friends.

There’s only one problem with this so far – IT ISN”T WORKING!

I’ve tried to tag friends using the @(friends handle), and supposedly it’s suppose to generate a drop down screen that alllows you to select the person you want to tag.

But when I type “@” nothing at all happens.

And I’m not the only one – take a look at the blog posting and you’ll see thousands of people saying the same thing “this isn’t working!”

So what’s up Facebook?  Are we going to see this feature anytime soon in a fully working state?

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