Local SEO Strategies – 2 Tips For Dominating Google Search Results

sandiegogeoIf you’re a local business who thinks that nobody turns to Google to find local businesses, then think again!

Nearly 80% of all searches for local businesses were conducted on Google.  And just last year, Google surpasses the Yellow Pages as the #1 source for finding local businesses.

Being in the Yellow Pages used to be a must for local businesses.  Unfortunately, they charged exhorbatant rates for running ads.

You no longer need to worry about the Yellow Pages though, because there’s a new king in town called Google, and this is where all the customers are searching for your business, products, and services.

Here are 2 tips for dominating Google’s search results for your local business:

1)  Utilize geographic keyword phrases in title tags. For those of you with just a website, this means optimizing your H1 tags and including geographic areas of your market.  For those of you utlizing a blog, this means including keyword phrases in the titles of your blog posts.

2)  Implement a blog for your business. If you’re a local business, and all you have is a website, then now is the time to launch a blog for your business.  A blog is a powerful tool that allows you to generate a lot of content about your products and services.  And as I mentioned, utlizing keyword phrases in your titles that target your local market is critical.

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