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Video Chat – Is It The Next Big iPhone App?

iphone-video-chat2Quick question – would you find it valuable to have video chat on your iPhone?

The BoyGeniusReport was showing some pics back in June of a possible iPhone with video chat capabilities.  This concept would allow you and anyone else on a video chat enabled iPhone, or maybe even any mobile device that has a web cam, to chat with video.

See some pics below.

However, as one person mentioned in the comments of that blog post

Video calling has been used in Europe and parts of Asia for a few years now and no one really seems interested in it there. I can’t see this being that big a deal at this point.

So the big question here is whether or not this would be a long term utilized app on the iPhone.  I think that without a doubt, after initially launching, the concept would be very popular and everyone would want to be doing it.

But after a few months, the initial popularity could very easily fizzle.

So what do you think?  Would you find it useful to have video chat via mobile devices?




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Hi Carlos – thanks so much for visiting and commenting. You might be interested to read this article:


It talks about how the next version of the iPhone looks like it might have video conferencing and video chat integrated!

Thanks again Carlos…

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