Is Google Picasa Looking To Compete With Photoshop

I know that might be a bold statement, but Picasa has really added some neat editing tools to their picture editing and organizing platform.

Recently, I’ve been using Picasa to edit and enhance a lot of photos, and I’ve noticed the ability to add text, generate cool features with the text, and as always, do cool things with the photo.

Back in December of 2008 Picasa released a Mac version of the software.  And I found their promo video on YouTube (see below).

This got me thinking – or wondering – is Picasa maybe looking to take some market share from Photoshop?  Perhaps by creating a much easier platform and interface than Photoshop, and with it being a desktop application that can publish to the web, maybe Google is setting the stage for this.

Below is the Picasa for Mac promo video:

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