*Video* New Texting Record! 662,258 Messages – 13,000 Page Bill

Let me first say – or ask this – can we not just make texting free already?

I mean the amount of data that’s actually sent is next to nothing, yet it’s a gold mine for phone companies like AT&T.

And with the likes of Google Talk for iPhone moving closer to a free solution, I think that the days of paying for text messaging is coming to end very soon.

So here we have a video of a someone who just broke the world record for the total number of text messages sent – 662,258 text messages sent, with a 13,000 page bill. ┬áThat’s a rediculous amount of text.

The text that accompanies the video on YouTube is below the video:

From the video info box:

I have successfully broken the world record of the most text messages used in one month……totaling 662,258 text messages!!!!

i also received my detailed AT&T bill that was 13,000 pages long!!!!!

i did this all with my iPhone 3GS on AT&T!! Please comment and send me messages if you have any questions!!! i will be glad to get the attention of the media!!!

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