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Facebook #1 in Bing’s Visual Search For iPhone Apps – Bump #1 in Social Networking Apps

The Facebook iPhone App is the #1 app in Bing’s Visual Seach, and surprisingly, when you click on the social networking category, Facebook is #2 and the Bump iPhone App is #1.

(see videos below)

We all know what the Facebook 3.0 iPhone App is – obviously it’s for accessing Facebook.

But you might not know about Bump.  Basically Bump allows you and another iPhone user to bump each other’s hands and your contact information will then transfer to that person’s iPhone.

So instead of saying, “hey, can I get your contact info” – you can just bump each other’s hands.

Anyway – Bump is the #1 iPhone App in Bing’s Visual Search Social Networking Category for apps.

I really like Bing’s new Visual Search because not only does it give you a much different, and inviting look with images, it allows you to quick disect your search results.

Being able to click on sub categories is very helpful with search, and especially when your search results are visual – this adds a nice touch.

Here’s a video of Bing’s Visual Search:

Here’s a video of Facebook 3.0 iPhone App:

Here’s a video of Bump iPhone App:

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