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How To: Don’t Ever Pay For Online News Content

smileYou’ll Never Have To Pay For Online News

With all the hype about people like Rupert Murdoch wanting to charge people for online content.  Let me ease your fears of ever having to worry about having to pay for news content.

I’m going to show you how to never have to pay for online news content again.  And I’m going to use this most recent article about Google as an example:

ComScore:  Google Sites Suprasses 10B Video Views in August

The source I was sent to was The Wall Street Journal (see image below):


So I then when to Google and searched the headline phrase: [google sites surpass 10b video views] and I got the following search results:


Notice the part that says “29 related articles”.  This means there are 20 other sources available for me to read the exact same piece of news.

So after click the “29 related articles” and browsing through the available news resources, I finally clicked the article from

If you go ahead and click the article from, you’ll see that there is absolutely no need to pay the Wall Street Journal for the exact same article.  In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if The Wall Street Journal syndicated content from

In Summary

The paid news sources will more than likely give you a headline of snippet of content – and then, just like WSJ, try to get you to pay to read the full article.

Forget that – just Google your article of interest and read 20 free articles from authoritative sources that are available!

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