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*UPDATE* Billboard Ad For Facebook Fan Page – We Now Have An Image!

facebook-fan-page-billboardAs you may remember, we posted an article less than a week ago about The Forest County Chamber of Commerce in Wisconsin running a billboard add for their Facebook Fan Page.

At the time of the article, we didn’t have an image of the billboard itself, nor did we know how the billboard was performing for the county.

But thanks to, we now have an image of the billboard and some more details into this exciting story about running a billboard ad for a Facebook Fan Page.


Here’s an excerpt from their story about the county billboard sign in which the county themselves have said:

“Sadly, no one talks about billboards any longer. But they’re still out there and they still work. So why are we talking about the lowly billboard today? Social media, of course… it’s big news when a billboard is used to promote a Facebook page… Located just south of Lakewood on HWY 32, travelers from Milwaukee and Chicago heading north will see the board which carries an invitation from the Crandon Chamber to “Become a friend of Crandon” on Facebook.” goes on to share more insight into the actually performance of the billboard ad:

“It turns out, more over, that creative advertising campaigns get people’s attention (or, in the insanely obnoxious parlance of marketing, they’re impactful). As of publishing time, the Crandon Chamber Facebook page has 772 fans. They seem to update the page daily, and whoever’s running it is doing a good job keeping people involved with requests for photos, feedback, etc. Those in turn keep members interested in the page, embedded in a digital community that revolves around the effort, and—hopefully—invested in the area. A very neat and tidy new media campaign.”


After tracking down the “Facebook Fan Page” on Facebook, I discovered that this is NOT actually a Page, but a Profile.

Here’s Crandon County Chamber of Commerce Facebook Profile – so go ahead and befriend them if you’d like – but you certainly will not be able to “fan” them as you would on a Facebook Fan Page.

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