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*Breaking* Vonage To Launch iPhone & Blackberry App For Internation Calls

vonage-logoThe attacks on traditional phone companies and services is relentless.  And now Vonage, the VOIP (or Internet connected phone calls) service provider adds a new threat to the mix – an iPhone and Blackberry app that will make Internation calls.

We’ve seen recent attacks against traditional phone services with the likes of Google Voice trying to get an app on the iPhone.  And now Vonage, who is traditionally offered VOIP service from land line phones, has moved into the mobile app arena.

It seems like it’s just a matter of time before the entire traditional phone industry is transformed by the Internet.

Free calls over the iPhone, and other data driving devices (Blackberry, Palms, Android phones, etc…) seem to be just around the corner – and then we can say good-bye to old fashion, high cost phone services.

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