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What About “Threshold” Tweeting? Automated Change Of Status Updates

automated-twitter-updatesI just read this awesome article on Mashable about how “Lufthansa has set up a new service named MySkyStatus that automatically posts the current position of your flight to Twitter or Facebook so your friends can follow your travels.”‘

I’ve also read other articles where “things” are programmed to update their status to Twitter.  This got me thinking – how about we figure out a way to have Twitter updates sent to us when any given status that we establish changes that specific status.

Some ideas I have:

*  An automated tweet when a stock changes certain percentages up or down, or even when a certain financial calculation hits a pre-established mark.  Bam… the status is triggered and we instantly get a tweet about it.

*  Much like when you’re flying, but what about also when you’re driving.  Can we get a car to automatically tweet it’s location at any given time or intervals?

*  Sports updates, scores, etc…  when the status of a sporting event changes (Patriots just scored another touchdown, etc.) a Twitter update is launched.

*  And for us parent – maybe a way to make our kids cell phones send out Twitter updates about location, etc… when we know they are out late.

Finally, and this is just another random thought, how about we figure out a way to schedule tweets – maybe even to ourselves – and allow tweets from certain individuals give us an alert.  The iPhone has a lot of alert functionality!

Anyway, just some random thoughts I had after reading about airplanes that are now sending out automated tweets about their location.

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