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Google Sports Scores & “Take Me Out To The Ball Game!”

google-sports-score-search-tipLast night as I watched The Eagles beat The Redskins 27 – 17 during Monday Night Football, I stepped over to my computer to check my email, my Facebook Fan Page, blog stats, etc…

And during one of these trips – and I’m not sure why I did it – but I Google’d the word “eagles”.  I guess I had that word on my mind since I was watching the game.

But as soon as I searched the word “eagles”, I saw something I’d never seen before!

Here’s what I saw:


That is what’s called Google Sports Scores!

Now the image above is actually from a search I did this morning, obviously you are seeing the final score, news articles, etc…

But last night, you would have seen the same score box at the top of the search results with an up to the second score summary of the game.

So basically to see scores and schedules for sports teams type the team name or league name into the search box, hit “search” and bam… there ya’ go!

This is cool little search function that I’ve never used before, and so of course I never realized was available until last night.  I think it’s awesome though, and just another small way that Google delivers relevant search results.

Here’s a video for you to watch as well – it’s only 15 seconds long and worth watching just for the music alone:

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