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How To Increase Fans To Your Facebook Fan Page

increase-fans-facebook-fan-pageIncrease fans to your Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook Fan Page, then one of the biggest concerns you probably have is “how do I get more fans?

Obviously more fans to your Facebook Fan Page means more opportunities for you to build your brand, trust, and reputation with your audience.  And that means, ultimately, a stronger business model no matter what market you operate in.

Here’s a couple of ways I’ve had success with increasing fans to my Facebook Fan Page.

I’ve written about each of these ways before individually, but this article is to compile them all in one place, and provide a link to each strategy that will give a more detailed “how to” for deployment.

How To Increase Fans To Facebook Fan Pages

1)  Create a custom landing tab for non-fans.

The value of a setting a custom landing tab for “non-fans” on your Facebook Fan Page is that you capture new visitors attention immediately.

You want to instantly present an opportunity to anyone visiting your Facebook Fan Page to become a fan.  People on the web are moving and browsing at a very fast pace, and if you don’t capture attention quickly, then people are gone!

Setting a custom landing tab with an invitation to become a fan of your Facebook Fan Page sets the “invitation” as the first priority to non-fan visitors.

If the visitor is even remotely interested in your business, then you have a very high probability of that visitor becoming your fan.  After all, it’s very uncommon – especially with Facebook – for people to visit Facebook Fan Pages without first being somewhat interested in the what’s on that page.

Here’s a couple of resources that I’ve put together that shows you “HOW” to setup a custom landing page for non-fans and “WHY” you should set a custom landing tab for non-fans on your Facebook Fan Page.

How To & Why To Set A Custom Landing Tab For Facebook Fan Pages

A Quick “HOW TO” on Custom Landing Tabs For Facebook Fan Pages

2)  Promote your Facebook Fan Page from your Facebook Profile.

Your Facebook Profile is, in my opinion, the best place to get started with increasing fans for your Facebook Fan Page.  Because conceivably, the “friends” on your Facebook Profile already know you, know your business, and are more than likely supportive of what you do.

After all, your Facebook friends are your “really” your friends (I hope…)!

So increasing fans to your Facebook Fan Page from your Facebook Profile is a great place to start; however, it’s never been easy making that happen.

For one thing, most people don’t want to be “emailing” their Facebook friends all the time asking them to become a fan of their Facebook Fan Page.  This sets the stage for frustrating your friends and making you look more like a “spammer” then anything else.

In fact, taking this process a little bit further, and you could actually end up losing friends on Facebook – which is probably not a good thing!

Promoting Your Facebook Fan Page With A Banner

So after being asked the same question about 10 times – “how can we promote our Facebook Fan Page from our Facebook Profile?” – I decided it was time to sit down and try to figure out a realistic solution.

Now we couldn’t just take a Facebook Fan Box and it to our Facebook Profile because Facebook does not allow the javascript code to render on your Profile.  This makes sense, because Facebook wants you to spend money advertising your Facebook Fan Page on Facebook!

And to be honest with you, I was about to give up and tell everyone that “it’s just not possible to promote your Facebook Fan Page from your profile”, when suddently a light bulb went off in my head!

The light bulb that went off in my head was to build a banner image for a Facebook Fan Page that used simple HTML image code, and insert that code on a Facebook Profile.

And you know what???  IT WORKED!

Most importantly, the people who really wanted / needed this type of solution were extremely excited about it – to say the least.

We’ve now created several Facebook Fan Page banners for people and their feedback has been awesome.

I also utilize a Facebook Fan Page banner on my personal profile from the day I put the banner on my profile, I immediately saw an increase in fans to my Facebook Fan Page.

Here’s a more detailed look at the the process of adding a Facebook Fan Page banner to your personal Facebook Profile:

Facebook Fan Page Banner For Your Personal Facebook Profile

The Facebook Fan Page image fits nicely right underneath your block of “friends” on your personal Facebook profile.

And the design of the Facebook Fan Page banner image closely resembles that look and feel of the Facebook generated Fan Page Box that you’re able to embed into other websites.

So with a Facebook Fan Page banner image on your personal profile, you now have an easy – unobtrusive – way to increase fans to your Facebook Fan Page and promote your Page to your friends… all without “spamming” them!

So there are 2 ways to increase fans to your Facebook Fan Page.  Do you have some methods of increasing fans to your Facebook Fan Page that you’d like to share?  We – including myself – would all benefit from your knowledge and experience, so don’t hesitate to let everyone know in the comments below.

Also, if you have questions about actually implementing these strategies, I’m always available to answer questions via Google Voice @ 706-363-0335 or email:

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