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Why Can’t I See My “Become A Fan” Button On My Facebook Fan Page?

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I see a trend happening here!  I get asked this question now at least 2 times per week, and so I thought I would write a quick article to help people understand why they can’t see their “Become A Fan” button on their Facebook Fan Page!

I feel sorry for some of the people I talk with because they tell me stories about spending hours in the help forums of Facebook trying to find a answer.  And I know what that’s like – digging for hours to find an answer to something only to find what you’re looking for… it’s very frustrating indeed.

Why The Button Disappears

Here’s the very basic answer to the question “Why can’t I see my Become A Fan button on my Facebook Fan Page?”

And the answer, if you are already a fan of a Facebook Fan Page, then whenever you visit that page (whether it’s your page or someone elses) then you ARE NOT going to see the “Become A Fan” button.

The “Become A Fan” button is kind of smart like that.  It will only appear to those people who are visiting a Page and who are not already fans!

So please, stop spending hours searching for the answer to this question because ultimately there isn’t anything wrong.  If you’re already a fan of a page, then you aren’t going to see the button.

Test This Out For Yourself

One way you can test this out is by logging in with a different Facebook account and then visiting your Facebook Fan Page.  If you’re logged in as someone who IS NOT already a fan of that page, then you should see the “Become A Fan” button.

Or find someone who you know if not already a fan, and ask them to visit your Facebook Fan Page.  If they are not currently a fan, then they should see the “Become A Fan” button.

In Summary

So the basic message here is that you will not see the “Become A Fan” button on any Facebook Fan Page that you are already a fan of.

It’s just the smart algorithms of Facebook at work.

And it makes sense really – why show a “Become A Fan” button to people who are already a fan of that Facebook Fan Page?   It’s not like you can become a fan twice or anything!

2 replies on “Why Can’t I See My “Become A Fan” Button On My Facebook Fan Page?”

OMG… Thank you so much!!! I have been trying to figure this out off and on for weeks now. I would get so frustrated I would just forget about it until it cropped up again. I looked everywhere trying to figure out how to add the "Become a Fan" button. I thought when our page was set up that it just wasn't included or something. Geesh. So glad that mystery is solved. Now if I could just figure out how to get a better url.

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