7 Ways To Increase Fans With A Custom Facebook Fan Page URL

more-facebook-fan-page-fansGet More Facebook Fans

I’m becoming more and more convinced that Facebook Fan Pages are the future of social media marketing for businesses and brands.

I see it over and over again with by our Facebook Fan Page and those of clients, that high quality interaction and conversation occurs on Facebook Pages.

Using Custom Usernames

This isn’t an article about the value of a Facebook Fan Page though – I’m still discovering the real value of that myself.

Today I wanted to write about one way I’m experiencing increased fans to my Facebook Fan Page, and that’s through the branding of my custom URL (or username).

Here’s what I mean – here’s the URL to my Facebook Fan Page:


You see the custom URL / username?  It’s the “Social.Media.SEO.Blog” part.

Most people I talk to have a Facebook Fan Page URL that looks like this:


Do you see the difference?

And when it comes to branding, promoting, marketing, etc… having a custom URL / username for your Facebook Fan Page IS HUGE!

It’s makes all the difference in the world in promoting your page.

Here’s HOW TO generate a custom URL / username for your Facebook Fan Page.

So read the article above to learn “How” to do make this happen.

Now The Good Stuff

Ok – so you’ve now updated your Facebook Fan Page URL / username.

It’s now time to get to leveraging your new Facebook Fan Page URL to increasing fans.

Here are 7 ways to use a Facebook Fan Page URL to increase fans:

  1. Add it to business cards
  2. Add it to the signature block of your email
  3. Print it on company documents
  4. Put it on flyers for your Fan Page
  5. Put it on a billboard on the highway
  6. Get a branded car sticker
  7. Start telling people about it

There’s my 7 ideas for leveraging your new Facebook Fan Page URL…

How about you?  What other ways can you add to the 7? Add your ideas to the comments below!