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How Our Client Gained 25 Fans in Less Than A Week on Their Facebook Fan Page

new-thomasmorgan-1Facebook Fan Page Banner

Last week, we integrated another Facebook Fan Page banner into a client’s personal Facebook profile.

Check out his profile (you can see the custom Fan Page banner directly under his “friends”):

The purpose here is to promote this client’s Facebook Fan Page from his personal Facebook profile.  This allows the client to promote their Facebook Fan Page to all of their personal friends, collegeues, and associates on Facebook, without having to intrusively email them all the time to invite them to “Become a Fan“.

So last week, this client only had 2 “fans” on his Facebook Fan Page – one of which was me!

We typically use the client’s existing “Fan’s” as the images on the banner, but since he only had 2 fans, this wouldn’t be possible.

The banner design went forward however, and within a week I got an email from the client saying, “hey Robert, my fan page now has over 25 fans, can we integrate our fan’s images now?”

This will super exiting to me because what it tells me is that literally within a week of placing the Fan Page banner on his profile, he gained over 25 fans to his Facebook Fan Page!

Why put a Facebook Fan Page banner on your Facebook profile?

The purpose of putting a Facebook Fan Page banner image on your Facebook profile is to promote your Fan Page to your friends, family, collegeus, and associates without having to send them annoying emails.

In fact, I’ve been told where people have actually had a negative return on their email messages promoting their Facebook Fan Pages – meaning, they’ve actually lost friends and fans!

The Facebook Fan Page banner goes directly below your existing Facebook profile friends, and remains unobtrusive to all everyone who visits your Facebook profile.

Yet the banner links directly to your Facebook Fan Page, so all your friends need to do is click your banner, and then they’re taken to your fan page where they can then chose to become a “fan”.

The best part is they chose to do this on their own by seeing your Facebook Fan Page banner – you don’t have to keep bugging them, and asking them to become a fan.

Here’s what the banner looks like placed right underneath the Facebook profile friends:


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