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Select Which Gmail Messages To Download For Offline Access

gmail-offline-selectDownload Select Gmail Messages

Let’s say you’re sitting in an airport waiting at your gate.

You’re on your laptop going through your email, but then your flight starts to board. ¬†However, you have yet to get through the email that you’ve labeled “social media”.

No worries my traveling friends – now you can download select messages via Gmail.

Traveling Just Got Easier

Gmail launched a new service that allows you to download only select messages via your Gmail account.

Here’s part of their Gmail Select Download announcement:

“From now on, once you enable Offline Gmail from the¬†Labs tab under Settings, you can choose which messages get downloaded. On the Offline tab under Settings, you’ll see your current settings and be able to set how much mail you want to download from each of your labels. I chose to download everything in my Inbox and important labels, as well as recent messages from the last month from other labels.”


On The Run Convenience

Now that you can download select labels, messages, or contacts, etc.. for offline access, you can keep your email inbox flowing without having to be online!

This is a great solution for travelers, people on the run, and those that can’t always access the web.

To make things even more convenient now would be to have offline access via your mobile phone.

Does that exist yet and I just don’t know about?

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