*NEWS FLASH* YouTube’s Continual Play Feature – Is This New?

youtube-channel-logoYouTube’s Continual Play Feature

Something just happened while watching a YouTube video that’s never happened before – at least not that I’ve noticed anyway

While watching a YouTube video on someone’s site, I click over to YouTube to get the embed code and the video started playing where it left off on the site I just left!

Is That A New Feature?

I was just watching a video about Google’s new dashboard feature here >>

And while I was on the site watching the YouTube video, I clicked the middle of the video to be taken to you YouTube so I can grab the embed code.

And A Very Strange Thing Happened

I think I’ve done this (clicking an embedded YouTube video to go directly to YouTube to get the embed code) about a million times.

But this time, when I clicked on the video and was taken to YouTube, the video started playing on YouTube where it left off on the originating site.

That is really weird, because I’ve never noticed that before.

Someone else please try this out and let me know if it’s doing the same thing for you.

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