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A Secret SEO Strategy For Building Facebook Fan Pages

facebook-fan-page-seo-strategiesFacebook Fan Page SEO

A lot of businesses and brands are flooding onto Facebook to create a Facebook Fan Page.

Rightly so… with over 300 million users of Facebook, it’s definitely a happening place to be.  Even better, with a Facebook Fan Page you get the benefit of engaging your customers in real time along with permission based marketing and broadcast messaging.

A Right & Wrong Way to Build

If you haven’t yet built your Facebook Fan Page, then know this – there is definitely a right way, and a wrong way, to go about the building process.

Your Facebook Fan Page Title

For this article, I’m going to focus on the number one focus point in building your Facebook Fan Page – and that is your TITLE!

First, understand that Google now crawls and indexes Facebook Fan Pages.  So your Fan Page can actually be found in the natural search results of all major search engines.

Second, understand that the title of your Facebook Fan Page is, in essence, the <h1> tag of your entire page, and thus the most critical component to have targeted keyword phrases in it.

Optimizing Your Facebook Fan Page Title

One of our readers here at Social Media SEO pointed this Facebook Fan Page out to me the other day.

Go ahead and click on that Facebook Fan Page.

The first thing you need to notice is the “title” of her page:

“Oahu, Hawaii Real Estate – Honolulu, Kailua – Yvonne Ahearn, REALTOR ASSOC.”

This is a great example of building a Facebook Fan Page right, right from the beginning.  It was clear to me that whoever built this page understands that Google crawls and indexes Fan Pages, and they keyword phrases in the title can play a role in gaining exposure in search results.

This page has the geographic location of the business, the name of the agent, plus other keyword phrases such as “real estate”, “realtor”, etc…

So this Facebook Fan Page is optimized not only for Google search results, but also search results in Facebook as well.

*** WARNING ***

If you’ve already built your Facebook Fan Page, there is no way to change the title once it’s published.  The only option you have, once you’ve published your Fan Page, is to delete your existing one and start new.

You have to weight the pro’s and con’s of deleting and starting new.  First, you’ll have to rebuild all your friends.  But, if it means having a Fan Page long term that is properly optimized for keyword phrases, then it might be worth it.

The Take A Way

This is something simple, but with long term implications – when you’re building your Facebook Fan Page, make sure you use targeted keyword phrases in the title of your Fan Page.

If you’re a local / geographically targeted business, then use a geographic phrase in your title “Oahu, Hawaii”.

Remember that once you’ve published a Facebook Fan Page, there is no way to go back and change your title.  If you’ve already published your page, it might be worth it to go back and start over with a Facebook Fan Page this is properly optimized.


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