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The Governing Dynamics of Web Exposure

governing-dynamics-of-the-webGoverning Dynamics of the Web

Most anyone you talk to who has an online presence wishes for the same thing – more exposure, more traffic, and more sales conversions.

However, taking Google search results for example, when you only have 10 spots on the front page out of millions of search results, not everyone is going to be seen.

In fact, only a select few web pages will ever see the front page of Google.

Let’s take social media as another example.  Only a select few individuals, web properties, or businesses will capture the lions share of traffic from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and blogging.

Why is this?

The Governing Dynamics of the Web

I’m going to call this phenomena of comparatively few web properties (blogs, web pages, websites, etc…) gaining the majority of exposure, and the major of web properties gaining very little exposure, The Governing Dynamics of the Web – or universal laws that apply to all web properties.

Let’s look at Google for example.

One of the ways the Google algorithm attributes authority to any web property is through the frequency of freshly updated content.

So the more you update your site, blog, etc… the more authority Google will attribute to your that property.

This site ( is a great example of this process, and proof that I’m right.

I started this site less than 3 months ago, and we’ve already achieved a PR3 (Google PageRank of 3).  To verify this you’ll need the Google toolbar.

But the point is that in less than 3 months, through the frequently updated content, this site has achieved a PR3 – a modest level of authority in deed for such a new site.

Fresh Content = More Authority

So one of the governing dynamics of the web – or universal laws of web exposure – is that the more you update a web property with fresh content, the more authority that property will build, and the faster it will build it.

Keeping your site updated with fresh, on target content is in my opinion, the most important thing anyone can do to build an authoritative online presence.

It’s just not possible anymore to build a static web site, just let it sit with the same content you built it with, and achieve high levels of authority and exposure on the web.

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