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Want Top Rankings In Google? Get A Faster Loading Website….

google-seo-speedGoogle Rankings & Website Load Speed

Matt Cutts did an interview with WebProNews where he talked about some future changes in how Google ranks websites.

One of the main points Matt makes in the interview is that website loading speed plays a role in determining a visitors likelihood of visiting a site.  And Google, of course, wants to have the highest quality sites possible in their search index.

So according to Matt Cutts, one way in the future that might be able to improve your rankings in Google is my improving your website’s loading speed.

Here’s the video interview of Matt Cutts:

13 replies on “Want Top Rankings In Google? Get A Faster Loading Website….”

Hi Alex – thank you so much for visiting and commenting!  I know that in the video above some valuable resources are mentioned – he goes through them pretty fast, so have your pen and paper ready, or just be fast at typing in the URL's as he mentions them.

Plus, keep watching because I am planning on writing an article on this issue of speeding up your website, and I will provide detailed resources for you.

Thanks again Alex!

Man, after going to site mentioned, I noticed I have a ton of red "X"s (which I'm assuming is bad) and it said it took 22 seconds to load. I look forward to reading what you write regarding this. I am certain that everyone who blogs would be interested in a simple layman explanation on how to get better ranking on google through faster pages. Thanks for post, good stuff.

Hi Alex – I don't necessarily think that all red x's are bad – it might be pages that don't exist any longer.

Yes – I'm going to research the optimization process further and I am definitely going to start writing about it.

Thanks so much again…

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