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Can’t See My Facebook Fan Page When Not Logged Into Facebook

facebook-age-restrictionsFacebook Fan Page Age Restrictions

Someone posted an interesting question the other day on our Facebook Fan Page.

He was not able to see his Facebook Fan Page when logged out of Facebook.

So if he was logged out of Facebook, and then entered the URL of his Facebook Fan Page, he was taken to the main login page for Facebook.

When the question was initially posted on our Fan Page, I thought the page might have been set to “private” – as opposed to be publicly published – However, that was not the case – the page was in fact published and public.

So then I told the Fan Page owner that the only way I was going to be able to see what’s going on here is by physically looking at the settings.

After I was made an admin to the Page, I started my investigating.

2 Minutes Later

Yes – that’s right! ┬áIt only took me about 2 minutes to discover what the problem was.

The problem was that the Page had been set to a certain age restriction, as opposed to the standard setting for Fan Page viewing with is Anyone(13+).

The setting I’m referring to:


You get to the setting above by click the “Edit Page” link underneath your Fan Page image, then clicking “edit” under “Settings” – you will then see this screen.

If you click the drop down window, you’ll see all different types of Age Restrictions that can set.

By selecting anything other than the default selection “Anyone (13+)”, you will lose the ability for anyone to see your Facebook Fan Page unless they are physically logged into Facebook.

Of course, if you’re having this problem, and you want your Fan Page visible to everyone – logged in and not logged in – then you need to take your Age Restriction Settings back to default “Anyone(13+)”.

Once you do that, then your Facebook Fan Page will be visible to everyone on the web!

21 replies on “Can’t See My Facebook Fan Page When Not Logged Into Facebook”

I have been looking for months on why my page was not viewable offline. Thank you very much for posting this. I can not see why when people ask facebook for help on this they can not respond, or at least put a sticky in their help forum. Again thank you, I almost deleted my page because of this, but now I have a lot of updating to do.

Hi PK Photography – I'm glad the post helped you out! Please come back to visit us again…

P.S. Next time, don't struggle for months with your issue, just post it here as a question and I'll hop on it.

Thanks again…

Hi,____I am having the same problem and I just did exactly what you have instructed and my page is still not visible. Please help. This has been a huge frustration for me. Thank you,____

Hi. I have the same problem. The fan page is not visible even if it's made public and age restriction is set to 13+. Any idesa?

Hi. I have the same problem. The fan page is not visible even if it's made public and age restriction is set to 13+. Any idesa?

Hi this didnt help me sadly. I've checked the age setting and the settings say 'published' but the business page is still not viewable unless you are logged in. We dont have a personal profile and so I cant even leave a message on their help forums. We dont really want a personal profile as we dont want people to add themselves as 'friends' to it – we want them to say they 'like' our business page instead. Are we making a mistake in thinking that? Any ideas how we can make our page viewable to the public?

Thanks for this … another thing to check (in the same place) is that there are no country restrictions as that can sometimes stop the page appearing.

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