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Orkut Adds New Sharing Function

orkutOrkut Sharing Made Easy

Orkut, Google social network, has been trying to keep pace with the likes of Facebook for quite some time.

Although Orkut is not the dominant social network here in the US, it does have a lot of traction and popularity in India.

Today Orkut has announced a new “sharing” function that allows website owners to more easily visitors to more easily share content with friends.

Here’s the update from the Orkut Developer’s Blog:

“Users can share the content and optionally promote it to make recommendations to their friends, which then appears in their activity updates. Every such shared item has the potential to spread virally and get wider attention from orkut users, increasing the traffic to the website.”

Also, if you’re using the sharing function already on your site, you can simply add Orkut to your list of shared elements:

“Some of our early access developers like, have already started supporting orkut in their list of services. If your website has implemented sharing functionality using the ‘addthis’ button, you can simply configure orkut in the destination network list.”

From:  orkut Developer Blog: Sharing on orkut just got easier!

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