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3 Reasons To Use Notes On Your Facebook Fan Page

why-use-facebook-fan-page-notesFacebook Fan Page Marketing

Facebook Fan Pages are becoming the premier marketing tool for many businesses, both large and small.  And the leverage, dialogue, and exposure that a Fan Page can deliver is unprecedented compared to all other forms of marketing.  If you’re a business, whether local, national or international, then you should seriously consider launching a Facebook Fan Page.

What Are Facebook Fan Page Notes

All Facebook Fan Pages have a feature called “Notes”.

Notes allow you to create fresh pages of content, news, and information directly from your Facebook Fan Page.

Notes are very similar to a blog!

And having Notes as part of your Facebook Fan Page is like having a blog integrated into a website.

Why Use Notes on a Facebook Fan Page

I get asked this question quite frequently – why should I use Notes on my Facebook Fan Page?  For those who don’t know what Notes are, this question makes sense, because after all, isn’t Facebook just about socializing?  The answer to that is “No”, and Notes will allow your Fan Page to take on a whole new life of its own.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should use Notes

1)  Google crawls and indexes notes

One of the most powerful features of Notes is that they are crawled and indexed by Google.  This means, the Notes you create within your Facebook Fan Page can be found by people who are searching using Google – and all other major search engines.  Because Google crawls and indexes Notes, a whole new traffic stream opens up to your Facebook Fan Page.

Because Google crawls and indexes Fan Page Notes, you should be using the same strategies and techniques of a blog to gaining exposure in search engines.  Using keywords in titles, properly using sub headings, and writing helpful and valuable content.  All of these things, when used in Notes will contribute to your Notes – and your Facebook Fan Page – being found more often in Google search results.

2)  Notes provide a deeper level of engagement

People are different!  And this is true of the fans on your Facebook Fan Page as well.  Some people like to just visit your wall, comment, and then leave.  Others like to get a deeper level of engagement with your brand.  This is where Notes comes in handy.

Your Fan Page Notes allow you to provider a deeper level of insight into your brand, and in turn allows a deeper level of engagement with your audience.  Notes can be the “full explanations” of what people are reading on your wall.  And because people can comment on your Notes, people will feel like they are part of your brands conversation, and in turn feel like their opinions means something to your brand.  These elements are critical to your business both in allowing your customers to interact with you, but also in providing feedback to your business that you may never have received any other way.

3)  Drive traffic to your blog or website

Most businesses and organizations that have Facebook Fan Pages also have blogs or websites.  And using Notes on your Fan Page can dramatically increase traffic to your site.

If you have a blog, one way to use Notes to increase traffic is to integrate your blog’s RSS feed into your Fan Page Notes.  In fact, integrating your blog’s RSS feed into Notes will ensure that your Fan Page is updated with the same content that you’re generating on your blog.

Since Notes allows RSS Feed integration, the updating of your blog will automatically update your Notes.  And since your blog’s RSS feed is producing the content in your Notes, when people click the titles in your Notes, it will take them directly to your blog.

But even if you aren’t using the RSS feed integration and you are just producing your own original content in your Notes, providing links back to your blog or website can help you increase traffic and exposure to your site.

Making use of your Facebook Fan Page Notes is just another way that any business, organization, or brand can leverage the powerful tools of Facebook to increase traffic, exposure, and your repuation, to a growing audience of Fans!

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