My Painful Internet Experience – Internet Explorer vs. Google Chrome

holiday_inn_extra_04So I’m sitting here at the Holiday Inn Express in Peducah, Kentucky and I’m on their computer in the lobby.  When I first sat down to get on the computer, of course my only purpose was to go immediately to the Internet.  The problem first of all is that this computer runs on wireless, and the signal is “low” – so there is virtually no value for me as a guest to sit down here an use this computer because it is so slow that it’s more frustrating than anything dealing with the slow connection.

Plus, Internet Explorer was the only web browser installed on this computer.  So after 45 minutes of fighting through the web getting stuck after nearly every click of the mouse (again because of the “slow” internet connection and because I’m using Internet Explorer), I just couldn’t take it any longer.

Google Chrome To The Rescue

So after wasting 45 minutes of my early morning hours on this slow computer, slow internet, and dealing with Internet Explorer, I installed Google Chrome (the browser).  In fact, I went so far as to install the newest Google Chrome browser which is still in beta.

Let me tell you what… after the Chrome browser installed I’ve been flying on the Internet!

Pages are loading super fast, nothing is being held up, and yes – I’m still working with a “Slow” wireless Internet connection.

What is Chrome’s secret?

Not that I’m too concerned, but I would love to know what Google Chrome’s secret is with their web browser.

I mean, how can Internet Explorer be so painfully slow, sluggish, and inefficient, and then when I install Google Chrome browser, it be so fast and efficient – even with a slow wireless Internet connection?

I don’t know what it is, but it is nothing less than amazing the different the Chrome browser has made on this computer.

It’s almost as if the Chrome browser doesn’t care what the Internet connection is, just so long as there IS a connection, it’s going to latch on and fly!

My Final Thoughts

1) The Holiday Inn Express here in Peducah, Kentucky needs to upgrade their Internet speed to something other than “barely connected” at their one and only computer in the lobby.  This is the computer that the customers are allowed to use, but it’s painfully slow and up until today, customers have been stuck with Internet Explorer.  And my guess is that every person (except me) has been frustrated and hasn’t accomplished anything they wanted to achieve on the Internet – and thus leaving a bad impression on The Holiday Inn Express.

2) If you haven’t already, you have to get away from Internet Explorer because if that’s the only web browser you’ve ever used, you have no idea what you’re missing.  And if you’re just wanting a super fast Internet browsing experiencing, the download Google Chrome immediately!  It doesn’t matter what Internet connection speed you have, all Chrome needs is a connection of any kind and it will fly!

WOW – I never realized how fast Google Chrome was until this experience!  So I guess I should ultimately say “thank you” to the Holiday Inn Express for this experience.

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