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WordPress SEO Tips Part VIII – Use Keywords In Your Title

wordpress-seo-tips-8WordPress SEO Tips Part VIII

This is part of our continue WordPress SEO Tips Series.  You can follow along by visiting our WordPress SEO Tips category to see all of the previous articles.

WordPress SEO Tips Part VIII – Use Keywords In Your Titles

Without a doubt, the single most important thing you can do regarding SEO with your WordPress blog postings is to use keywords in your titles.

The title tag, otherwise known as the H1 tag, it above all else, the starting point for Google determining rankings in their search results!

It is not uncommon for blog postings to achieve front page rankings in Google within just a few hours of posting – all because they used targeted keywords in the title.

Let’s say, for example, you’re a carpet cleaner in Atlanta, Georgia.  And you’ve conducted some keyword research and determined that your customers are typing in “clean your carpets” in Google.  Obviously, this is an intentional search because why would anyone type that into a search engine unless they were needing their carpets cleaned?

So how can you, as a carpet cleaner in Atlanta, leverage this knowledge in a blog posting?  And how can you position your WordPress blog / website to be competitive in Google’s search results in order to connect to someone like this who is searching for what you offer?

Keyword Targeted Title

Here’s an example of a title that may very well put you at the top of Google very quickly:

Hey Atlanta!  Here’s How To Clean Your Carpets In Less Than 1 Hour

That would be what you typed into the title box of your WordPress blog post.  And then you’d proceed to write an informative article on how someone might go about cleaning their carpets in less than hour.

The SEO At Work

So again, you’re a carpet cleaner in Atlanta and you’ve done the research to determine that “clean your carpets” is a high volume search phrase.

Most customers who are searching locally for a service will more than likely use their city, or geographic location, in their blog posting.  So it wouldn’t be uncommon for a customer in Atlanta to type in “clean your carpet atlanta”, or “atlanta clean your carpets”.

Notice that the title of your blog posting includes all 4 of those keywords.  Even though the title is structured in a way that’s more “reader friendly”, from Google’s perspective it’s a perfect match to the phrase being searched.

In this example, your article would stand a very high chance of connecting to the person who just searched for “clean your carpets atlanta”.

The Take Away

Remember that the title of your blog post is, without question, the single most powerful SEO component of any blog posting.  After doing your keyword research, utilize your targeted keyword phrases in your title and you will greatly improve your chances of connecting to prospects who are searching in Google specifically for what you offer!

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