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The Best Strategy For Better Search Engine Rankings

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If you were to ask 100 people – what’s the best way to increase your website’s ranking in Google? – you’d more than likely get a wide range of answers.  From commenting on other people’s blogs and linking back to yours, to adding your site to a link farm.  Occasionally, you’ll get an honest answer from people where they’ll tell you flat out – “I don’t know”.  Amazingly, as much as people get consumed with the issue of better rankings in search engines, you hardly ever hear the best answer.  And the best answer is actually the most honest answer – and that’s what I want to tell you about today.

The Best Strategy For Better Rankings

 The single best, most effective strategy for increasing your rankings in all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…) is this, to write original and useful content that people are actually looking for!

That’s right!  Writing original and useful content that people are actually for is, without a doubt, the single most effective strategy for getting better rankings in Google – and all major search engines.

Here’s the reason why – we all know that Google attributes value and authority to a website based upon the links that are pointing back to it.  So the higher quality links you have pointing back to your website (or referencing your website), the higher rankings your site will receive in search engines.  And when you have a site where you’re producing original and useful content, you’ll find that more people will be willing to link to you. 

This is the process of building links to your site naturally.  And it’s a practice that very few websites are engaged with.  Most websites (SEO’s, webmasters, etc…) spend all of their time and efforts in building artificial back links to websites.  This process is actually counterproductive because:

1)  You would find that it actually takes more time to build links artificially that it does to create an original and useful article or content for your site.

2) Even after you’ve spent a lot of time building artificial links to your website, search engines like Google will actually discredit those links.  Search engines despise artificial links, and they have complex algorithms in place to detect and discredit these types of links.

So is you’re wanting the best strategy to improving your rankings in search engines, start producing valuable content that people might be looking for.  You’re probably an expert in your field of work, so you should have a lot of information, tutorials, “how to’s”, etc… that you could share.  One way for you to share that information is by creating a blog and start writing about it.  As you share your informative content, people will start taking notice.  And it’s from this “taking notice” process that your website will start building inbound links.  These links will have been built naturally, which will instantly make them more valuable to search engines and eventually – over time – your website will start getting increased traffic from Google and all major search engines.

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