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How To Be Relevant Without Google

stand-out-without-googleThe name of the game these days is getting top rankings in Google.  And why not – Google drums up billions of searches a day and surely you can get your small little piece of the pie.

But why spend months, even years sometimes to achieve front page rankings when literally in a moment Google can change their algorithm and you disappear into oblivion?

Plus, you have to consider there are only 10 spots on the front page of Google.  This means the competition is fierce and for the keywords that are not long tail, your chances of ranking anytime soon is slim.

So what’s a business to do?

There are substantially more effective paths to take in the short term to increase traffic to your site, build your brand, and increase business via the web than spending your time worrying about where you rank in Google.

Start a blog for your business and make a daily conscious effort to write high quality, informative information about what you offer.  Sharing tips, insider information, and up to minute news about your industry will build an audience of readers that are interested in what you’re talking about, and in turn who are interested in your business.

Within your blog, have a “Free Email Subscription” link that allows people to subscribe to your content.  As your subscribers build, you are more than likely guaranteeing your site at least that much traffic each day as your audience receives your content.  Even a few subscribers per week at the beginning will eventually build up to hundreds, even thousands of subscribers to your blog.

Your business can be relevant on the web without Google.  You just need to realize that your number one objective is to build your audience of fans, supporters, and prospects one by one – and in turn, you’re building a brand reputation that people trust, care about, and tell other people about.

Once you get an audience of fans talking about you, then you win – and it doesn’t require Google to make it happen.

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