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How To Build Amazing Looking Facebook Fan Pages With Custom Tabs

atlantis-dubai-facebook-fan-page-tabsFacebook Fan Page Tabs

We all know that Facebook is growing exponentially with now over 350 million users.  And businesses are quickly realizing that a Facebook Fan Page can bring dramatic increases in traffic, brand recognition, and sales to their bottom line.  One of the key ingredients that is overlooked so often on a Facebook Fan Page is the ability to build custom tabs.

Custom Tabs & FBML

Creating custom tabs in a Facebook Fan Page is facilitated through the use of FBML (Facebook Markup Language).  The FBML App that gets installed on Fan Pages allows you to create a website like presence directly in Facebook.

Let me show a great example of using FBML to customize a Facebook Fan Page tab.  Check out the custom tab on the Atlantis Fan Page:


This is just one of three custom tabs that the Atlanta Resort Fan Page utilizes.  View the other two custom tabs by clicking either “Bahamas” or “Dubai”.

Because the FBML app is fully customizable with HTML, there is no limit to what you can do within your tabs – it’s pretty much up to your imagination.  Here is a list of some of the more “effective” uses of a custom Facebook Fan Page tab:

  • “Call To Action” to increase fans
  • email capture forms
  • Free newsletter / product offer
  • Increase subscribers to content
  • Fully web page displays
  • Custom landing tabs for non-fans
  • Easy updating of information

These are just a few of the many things you can do with custom landing tabs in your Facebook Fan Page.  The more creative you become with your tabs, the more effective your page will be at increasing fans, building your brand, and converting customers.

Plus, because Fan Pages are part of Facebook, the viral exposure that your page can achieve is unprecedented!

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can you add the full code for this amazing tab or send it to my email?
i will change the links and the images to my fan page.

thank you

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