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Shaq Twitter Topic “Shaq Retires” Causes Confusion

shaq-retires-twitterShaq Retires On Twitter

Currently at #6 in the trending topics on Twitter is the phrase “Shaq Retires”.  Why Shaq retiring on Twitter is trending is not yet known, the fact is that this makes absolutely no sense and is more than likely false.

Surely we’ll get more updates throughout the day, and possibly even a statement from Shaq himself, but as it is right now, the “Shaq Retires” on Twitter’s trending topics is false.

First, this doesn’t make sense because Shaq has just signed a huge contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Second, the Cavs are doing pretty good this season and are definitely in the running for a strong presence in the playoffs.  And third, a player retiring would probably not be announced via Twitter.  Although news can break quickly on Twitter, I think for something like this to make trending topics we would have heard something more office.

Plus, Shaq is very active on Twitter with over 2.6 million followers.  And this would seem to be an announcement that he would make personally to all of his followers.

What are your thoughts about the story?

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