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Increase Traffic To Your Blog via Twitter With Google’s New URL Shortener

google-twitter-url-shortenerGoogle announced a new URL shortener at, which is a new shortener service that can only currently be used only with Google products.

The good news is that Feedburner – Google’s feed subscription and syndication service – has integrated the new URL shortener to automatically send new postings from your blog directly to Twitter.

The concept of sending new blog postings directly to Twitter isn’t a new one to be sure.  TwitMe is a syndication service I’ve been using for quite some time it is works really well.  TwitMe even allows you to use as your shortener, which definitely helps in the quality of your Twitter content.

But with the release of Google’s new URL shortener, you are now able to not only send your new blog postings directly to Twitter, but they will be accompanied by the URL shortener – and that might make all the difference in the world.

Why Matters in Twitter

When it comes to sharing links on Twitter, the determining factor of people clicking your shared links or not is whether or not they trust the shortened URL.  Like I said, previously the best and most trusted shortener to use was

But with the release of, I think it sets a new standard of URL shortener trust and brand.  Everyone knows Google, and people trust it’s name and it’s brand.  Meaning, if your content is sent to Twitter with the URL shortner, I believe your followers will be much more likely to click your links and visit your site.

How To Send Your Content To Twitter Automatically With

You can literally start sending your blog content to Twitter automatically by simply turning the new feature on in your Feedburner account.

The new feature in Feedburner is called “Socialize“.

Here’s more about Socialize from the Feedburner site:

“The FeedBurner Socialize service makes it easy to distribute your content to interested subscribers or followers on social networks using any FeedBurner feed you already have. The Socialize service currently supports distribution on Twitter.”

How To Turn It On:

1) Log in to your Feedburner account and open the appropriate feed

2) Click on the “Publicize” tab

3) On the left hand side, click on “Socialize”

4) Link “Socialize” to your Twitter profile

5) Customize your settings for sending your content to Twitter

And that should be it!

Now each time you write a new blog article, your content will automatically update your associated Twitter profile and the updates will have the URL shortener.

And with the URL shortener, you start experiencing a higher level of clicks to your site from Twitter.

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